Deep cleansing of the skin following an exfoliation to remove dead skin and to prepare the skin for the  essential oils that will be applied with a facial massage to stimulate the pressure points "Shiatsu" Finally a facial mask to give the skin its moisture and  vitamins back. All of the facial products used during the treatment will be specifically for your skin type.


Pure collagen treatment will be applied after a gentle exfoliation and massage to increase the blood circulation, allowing it to penetrate to the deepest level of your skin. From there it will work its way up and repair the skin, preventing new wrinkles appearing.

It is an extremely good treatment for sensitive, sun-burned, and dry skin, or, of course, just to slow down the ageing process. This exclusive treatment repairs the skin and gives it back its radiance.


Make-up for a special occasion.  No matter what the occasion, whether it is for a Wedding, or Photo-shoot, or for a day when you would like to look nice, there are many styles to choose from.  Take a look at our Make-up page and see some of the types of make-up available.


A lovely relaxing treatment  to make your hands and nails look and feel great. Includes tidying the cuticle area, nail re-shape, hand massage and application of your choice of colour.

Supplement charge applies for French manicure.


For the beauty of your hands. Initially exfoliation, to make your hands softer and look more radiant, followed by a hand massage and a mask for your skin.


Another lovely relaxing treatment giving your feet and nails a lovely fresh look.
Initially you will experience a relaxing foot bath which softens your skin and allows all of the dry skin to be removed easily.  Pedicure includes nail re-shaping, foot massage and the application of your choice of colour.

Supplement charge applies for French pedicure.


For the beauty of your feet. Initially exfoliation, to make you feet softer and look more radiant, followed by a relaxing foot bath, foot massage and a mask.


An amazingly relaxing oriental foot massage which concentrates on the pressure points in your feet that are  related to the organs in the body.  This massage is especially good for easing tension and relaxing both mind and body.


A massage using heated volcanic basalt stones. This treatment aids in a deep physical relaxation. The heat from the stones relieves deep tension in the muscles and helps rebalance the body.  This is a profoundly relaxing and de-stressing treatment. This massage uses smooth, flat, and heated rocks placed at key points on the body.  The heat of the rocks causes muscles to relax, thus allowing the therapist to apply deeper, more precise pressure if desired or necessary.


A gentle head massage with pressure on the cranial "Shiatsu" pressure points and also on the face.
Neck and shoulders will also be massaged.  Eliminates tension and stress in the whole body.


Using hot oil and natural herbs.The herbs will help to clean toxins away and start the metabolism and circulation in the body. An ideal treatment for detoxing and deep relaxation.


With natural sea salt and aroma therapy oil for deep exfoliation and moisturizing.  After a cleansing shower you can also have a full body massage for the full treatment. Your skin is completely renewed and looks brighter and feels softer.


Experience a relaxing and de-stressing massage. Your whole body is worked using different massage techniques for relieving tension and stress within the body and muscles.


Exfoliation to eliminate any dead skin and  a massage to help the blood circulation and eliminate any muscle tension. Followed by an algae mask for improving skin texture as well as invigorating and detoxifying the skin.