Lie down on a soft surface.
  You can also place a small  pillow or a rolled up towel under your neck.  This stimulates the acupressure points and starts the blood circulating along the spine  which helps soothe back and neck problems as well as migraines.


Put it very low to cover your lower back. This will help you if you suffer from lower back problems, lumbar and digestive, and menstruation problems.

This position is good if you suffer from digestive or menstruation problems.
Put a thin sheet or use a top to protect your upper body.  This can also improve metabolism and loosen tension in the diaphragm and respiratory muscles.
You can  use this mat on a normal chair. A sitting position can loosen tension in the lumbar and buttocks.
Lie down on the side with your legs stretched out comfortably. This position wi
ll help if you suffer from  poor circulation or cellulitis
Lie down carefully with your cheek against the mat.  If this feels unpleasant use a thin 
sheet. This position can help to ease tension in the neck and jaw.

Carefully stand on the mat. At first you might not be able to stand on it with your full body weight. Try from a sitting position and gradually put more weight on it until you are standing. This may take a few days, do not get disheartened.  With just a little pressure from your feet on the mat  will stimulate all the reflexology points.  This position, when in a standing position  will stimulate the whole body.