The Shiva Acupressure Mat is the modern version of a "Spikemat" – which is estimated to have been around some 5000 years.  These mats can help you to gain perfect balance in mind, body and spirit. It stimulates the nerves and the meridians in the body in the same way as acupuncture.

The original Spikemats were made of wood with metal spikes but now, thanks to modern design and creativity, we have the Shiva Acupressure Mat made in a new, softer but effective material which achieves the same results.

Shiva Acupressure Mat contains, in total, 230 discs made of nontoxic plastic and every disc has 27 spikes.  In total 6000 points of stimulation! The number of points defines how deep the stimulation will be. Your body weight also contributes to the pressure on the spikes.  More spikes less pressure and less spikes more pressure and stimulation.

The pressure on the skin makes the capillaries swell which increases blood circulation. The increase of blood in the tissues gives more oxygen to the muscles and releases toxins from the muscles.

Stimulating the acupressure points will increase the endorphins in your body, relieving pain and creating positive energy. This is very similar to what happens to your body when doing any sort of high energy sports. It also produces a hormone making you feel relaxed and calm.

If your life is stressful, or you are feeling tense, your circulation is bad, you have muscle pain, a headache, pain in your back or neck, then the Shiva Acupressure Mat is the perfect remedy for you.

               20 minutes a day can improve your:


               *Problems with back, neck and shoulders




               *Digestive problems



               *Tension on your jaw and neck

               *Muscle tension



 How to begin.

•         Put your Shiva Acupressure Mat on a soft surface. Like a bed or on a sofa. 

•         Place a pillow or roll up a towel to support your neck. 

•         Carefully lie down on the Shiva Acupressure Mat. 

•         Relax and breathe deeply.  

The first 3-5 minutes it will feel a little unpleasant but that will gradually disappear. In the beginning you might want to put a thin cloth or a sheet between yourself and the mat, but over time you will notice that it is more effective without it.

      DAYS 1-4

      We recommend you use the mat for 10 minutes.

      Some people fall asleep and others feel full of energy after a session on the mat.

      If you fall asleep and stay longer on the mat it doesn’t matter.

     DAYS 5-14

      We recommend you  use the mat for 20 minutes.


You can clean your Shiva Acupressure Mat in luke warm water with a mild soap.  Take out the foam rubber   pad and wash it by hand, then let the mat drip dry.    Keep it out of the sun.


 Keep it in a dry place and out of reach of children.


Take out the foam rubber pad and take only the spike cover.  You can then put the cover directly on a bed or on a sofa and use it on your holidays.


If you have any problems with your health or have any skin problems please talk to your doctor before you use your Shiva Acupressure Mat.   (We are not responsible for any personal damage caused when using the Shiva Acupressure Mat.)







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